The Complete Employer’s Handbook to Staff Augmentation 

June 28, 2023


The Complete Employer's Handbook to Staff Augmentation 

With the fast-paced landscape of work and business, companies find themselves faced with fluctuating demands and needs when it comes to their workforce. 

At one moment, you have an optimal team. In the next, you’re looking for an expert on applications development to meet your project needs. Considering these unexpected shifts, how can your company effectively address the challenges and rise to the occasion? 

Staff augmentation may be the solution you need. 

A Strategic Approach to Workforce Expansion 

Staff augmentation is a remote hiring model that can help you with all your staffing needs. It’s a game-changer that involves the expansion of a company’s in-house staff through temporary hiring from outside sources. 

The staff augmentation services are done by choosing outside specialists to join your in-house team. There, they get the chance to offer their expertise while cooperating closely and having direct communication with your employees for maximum efficiency. 

Usually, staff augmentation is done on a contractual basis and is meant to help your existing staff finish projects and deliver results. 

Experts who join your company through staff augmentation are based entirely on your organization’s needs. Highly skilled individuals are outsourced based on the skills and requirements your team needs to finish overall tasks. 

Value of Staff Augmentation 

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Why?” Why should your company choose staff augmentation services in the first place? 

Of course, you can choose to improve your staff on your own through your usual hiring and onboarding processes, but staff augmentation provides more benefits for your organization. 

Listed below are five advantages you can enjoy once you choose to take part in the staff augmentation model. 

1. Lower Employee Turnover 

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company in 2022, 35 percent of employees who left their previous organizations did so because of unsustainable work expectations.¹

Employees have the tendency to quit their jobs when constantly given an unreasonable amount of work or responsibilities outside of their role description. 

For example, imagine you’re an applications developer. One day, out of nowhere, your boss asked you to build a new table from scratch since the office needed it. This may cause you to panic and feel overwhelmed, especially when you have no idea what you’re supposed to do. 

What’s the best way to remedy this as an employer? Simply hire someone who knows how to do it. This is what staff augmentation is for. 

By temporarily hiring experts who possess the skills that you need, you are removing pressure and uncertainty from your permanent staff. And the happier your employees are, the lower your employee turnover will be. 

2. Improved Company Focus 

Since employees will be able to focus on the tasks assigned to them, staff augmentation can ensure high productivity in the office. Companies can also opt to assign low-priority projects to external experts. This allows their internal staff to focus on core tasks. 

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Aside from this, staff augmentation can also help the companies themselves in improving their focus by removing the grunt work of attracting and onboarding experts. 

As stated by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the hiring process in most industries lasts from weeks to months just to hire one expert.² 

Imagine posting advertisements on job boards and talent platforms, reviewing dozens of resumes, scheduling countless interviews, and narrowing down your options until you decide on the one professional you need for an existing project. All of these steps can cause friction with your employees’ production. 

With staff augmentation, you can skip these time-consuming tasks. Instead of using money and energy in finding a potential candidate, the experts you need will be brought to you. This means you can also focus on improving the company and maintaining a competitive edge in your specific industry. 

3. On-Demand Access to World-Class Talent 

Do you need software developers to fix an issue with your application scheduled to launch next week? Or someone to manage your monthly statements as soon as possible? 

If you are in immediate need of an expert, you should definitely use staff augmentation. 

Companies that offer staff augmentation solutions have a wide pool of specialists they can dip into when finding a professional your company needs. Aside from this, you can also take advantage of the vast web of connections they’ve spent years of networking to build. 

Through this augmentation model, you can enjoy flexible hiring based on the needs of your company. Say goodbye to hours of reviewing candidate resumes and say hello to instant access to on-demand talent and world-class professionals. 

4. Lower Risks 

Staff augmentation is an efficient solution to bolster your team’s capabilities with generally lower risks. It allows you to expand your workforce without the pressure of full-time commitment.³ 

For example, think of yourself as the owner of a big tech company. You heard of a promising trend and decided to try your hand at offering that service. You create a plan and hire a team of experts for the project you have in mind. Unfortunately, the service didn’t garner as much attention as you expected. Now that you’ve decided to stop the project altogether, what will happen to the team you spent time, money, and effort to hire? 

This scenario is an example of the risks staff augmentation can help minimize. Since hiring outsourced experts costs less than what you’d spend implementing the entire hiring process, it ensures lower monetary loss in the event of unsuccessful ventures. 

Aside from this, you also have the flexibility of upscaling and downscaling your workforce easily based on the needs of your company. You can have temporary professionals who have valuable experience and expertise until the moment their services are no longer needed. 

5. Good Fit for All 

One of the best benefits of availing services from staff augmentation providers is the fact that it can be a game changer for any business. 

Are you a startup that began a few months ago? A medium-sized company looking for experts? Or maybe a big enterprise hoping to find temporary employees quickly and efficiently? 

Regardless of your industry or size, staff augmentation can bolster your in-house team’s capabilities as needed. You even have the freedom of choosing between three different arrangements depending on what you think is the best fit for your business. 

Three Kinds of Staff Augmentation You Can Use

 Full-Time Augmentation  

With a full-time arrangement, you get to outsource a professional that can supplement your existing staff. This professional will work full-time in your office along with your regular employees. 

Similar to your people, full-time augmented staff are fully dedicated to your company and its projects. 

This is the ideal type of arrangement for companies that are filling long-term positions or are looking for professionals to provide skills that are permanently needed in their business. 

Part-Time Augmentation 

This type of augmentation involves hiring workers for a contracted amount of time. Instead of being in the office during every working hour, experts are required to work only for a limited number of hours per week or month. 

The working schedule of these professionals depends on what was agreed upon before hiring. Some may have specific schedules while others are free as long as they render the necessary number of hours. 

This type of arrangement is the most ideal for filling positions that are temporary. It is also useful for organizations that have fluctuating workloads due to seasonal changes.

 Project-Based Augmentation 

When a company needs people to work on specific projects but has already busy employees, they can opt to avail themselves of staff augmentation with a project-based arrangement. 

Professionals with skills that are needed only for a certain project are hired in this arrangement to work alongside existing teams. If there are no teams in existence, they can also be outsourced using this arrangement. 

This arrangement is best for companies that want to tailor their workforce to the specific requirements of each and every project they have. This ensures continued production while also being cost-effective since experts will leave the company once their assigned projects are complete. 


As a company that prides itself in providing solutions for staffing needs, Raso360 is here to help you with modern ways to hire. Accelerate your business by sourcing the right people. Contact us today to get you a step closer to extraordinary service. 


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