The Future of IT Operations: Salesforce and ServiceNow Explained 

June 7, 2023


The Future of IT Operations: Salesforce and ServiceNow Explained 

Have you ever struggled deciding what your next smartphone should be? One works faster and provides more space, while the other offers more personalized apps that allow you to work on your handheld device. 

The same goes for choosing between Salesforce and ServiceNow for your business, both proven to be effective in making operations run smoother. Here are the things you need to know about the two to help you decide on what to use for process automation. 

Salesforce: Enabling Personalized Experiences 

Salesforce lets you access your Customer Relationship Management via the Salesforce service cloud technology. Its purpose is to let you handle every relationship aspect between a business and its clients. This includes clients’ contact details and personal information, customer assistance, requests, and more. 


  • It makes analyzing and managing daily activities easier. 
  • It strengthens your relationship with your clients. 
  • It supports four major platforms: Android, iPhone, Windows, and Web-based platforms. 
  • Industry-specific customizations are available. 
  • It currently has more than 150,000 company clients. 
  • Offers an AI-enabled CRM called EinstenGPT.¹ 

Services Provided by Salesforce 

1. Lets your sales team manage prospects and close deals faster. 

It has a sales cloud that lets you manage your data and contacts while monitoring your opportunities from your chosen devices. This makes your tracking more manageable even when you’re on the go. 

A Salesforce developer can help you access the Salesforce Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) feature. This automates your quotations, billing cycles, orders, and contracts for error-free transactions with your potential clients. 

2. Helps you build stronger relationships with your clients through cross-channeling. 

If you are looking to provide a more advanced customer service experience, its Service Cloud improves customer support using their platform, bringing you quicker, focused services. 

Resolving your customers’ issues is now faster, with enhanced agent response time, as the app allows you to connect and manage various support channels such as email, social, phone, and chat in one view through their Marketing Cloud. You no longer need to assign one member of your team for each kind of platform you’re working with.² 

This also assures you that your replies are consistent when you encounter a customer who tries contacting you through many sources. 

3. Makes internal interaction more synchronized. 

Meanwhile, Field Service Lightning connects your workforce through Salesforce integration, helping you deliver results faster. You can view which areas need more help and assistance in the team and which ones are accomplishing tasks the fastest. 

When working on your marketing needs, the Pardot function lets you cover email marketing, lead scoring, and nurturing more efficiently. 

4. Offers customization for your specific needs. 

The price for the Sales function starts at $25 per user a month, but adding to the fee can allow you to have more customized features for your business and industry needs. 

ServiceNow: Staying on Top of Workflows 

If you require a platform that can help manage your IT workflows, a ServiceNow integration is your best option. The brand specializes in IT service management, operations management, and business management. 


  • It can help you integrate easily with other tools through an app store offering third-party tools. 
  • It helps enhance your security system. 
  • It covers specialized service-handling software for certain industries, such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, and more. 

Services Provided by ServiceNow 

1. Helps you easily monitor and resolve errors using AI-powered modules. 

Spotting errors in your procedures at the last minute can be a hassle, especially when it’s a client who encounters it. With the help of its IT Service Management (ITSM), you can quickly find IT errors that need to be resolved using AI-powered modules. It can handle incidents, service requests, problems, and changes such as Configuration Management, Performance Analytics, Continual Improvement Management, and more.³ 

2. Performs predictive analytics. 

Your project management load can be lightened and polished by integrating digitization. Strengthen your IT team’s performance as ServiceNow enables them to create reports using the Natural Language Query (NLQ) prompt. This also performs predictive analytics on results based on past data using machine learning with statistical algorithms. 

3. Creates all the parts of a Change Advisory Board (CAB) meeting when configured. 

You can organize a meeting covering attendees, a calendar schedule, any calendar changes, viewing and recording meeting notes, and the status of change requests through the CAB Workbench. 

With it, everything can be automated, including identifying the needed attendees and notifying them, and approving and rejecting any change requests. 

4. Has an Automated Testing Framework. 

The ATF lets you manage any changes you make by letting you create and run automated tests on your application development or when you want to establish any configurations. 

Through it, you can schedule your test suite runs, allow non-technical designers to start tests of Now Platform components, and create personalized test stages to broaden your test’s coverage. 

5. Covers Account and Contact Management in its revised Customer Service Portal. 

This also includes the management of warranties, contracts, cases, assets, and knowledge so you can secure your client data. 

Tools like anonymous chat for business-to-consumer (B2C) models and registration in the ServiceNow CRM are important features. If needed, you must activate the Consumer Service Portal plugin first to have access to the portal. 

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Identifying Which One is For Your Business  

When choosing between the two, ask yourself if your business should focus more on customer experience (CX) or IT operations. 

Both brands offer CRM. 

Salesforce implementation heavily prioritizes taking care of your clients and they have areas more invested in it, but ServiceNow also offers CRM and sales functions on their end on top of their IT resources. 

They address clients’ needs very differently. 

ServiceNow specializes in back-end IT management. Salesforce doesn’t cover your IT management but emphasizes instead CRM, sales, and marketing. 

Salesforce revolves around the customer’s needs and spending patterns. It helps you communicate with your customers more efficiently by gathering all the information you would need. AI is harnessed to unravel their demographics, marketing preferences, product selection, and how they can be retained. Marketing campaigns and promotions are the strategies that you would need to take advantage of regularly to maintain your audience reach. 

ServiceNow takes care of your operations by connecting various platforms you will be sharing with your clients. It helps you maintain the workflows that may affect the customer’s experiences. This includes websites, applications, and systems that the customer may interact with to pursue your products and services. 

They cater to different businesses. 

Salesforce is more convenient for a larger-scale business that has multiple departments taking care of other parts of its operation. Their experts can focus solely on the retention and satisfaction of customers. 

ServiceNow may be better for smaller businesses that want to cover most of their operations under one system. It is also helpful for businesses that will handle sensitive data like banks and healthcare facilities. 

Prioritize CX to grow your business. 

Whichever of the two you implement, make sure that it ends with you offering the best experience to your customers. Their loyalty and word of mouth can widen your reach while letting you hit your targets in sales and marketing. 


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1 Drew Robb. “ServiceNow vs Salesforce: Which Is Best for You?”. https://www.cioinsight.com/enterprise-apps/servicenow-vs-salesforce/ . Updated last February 15, 2023. Accessed last April 4, 2023. 

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3 “Introduction to ServiceNow IT Service Management”. https://crossfuze.com/servicenow/what-is-servicenow/itsm/ . Accessed last April 4, 2023. 

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