Data-Driven Decision Making: Harnessing ServiceNow and On-Demand Staffing Insights 

September 20, 2023


Data-Driven Decision Making: Harnessing ServiceNow and On-Demand Staffing Insights 

The world of work is rapidly changing along with the needs and demands of every industry. Companies and businesses are faced with a variety of new opportunities and challenges that only opinions and intuition can’t solve. 

If you also find yourself in this predicament, how exactly can you overcome the challenges and lead your company toward success? The answer lies in harnessing ServiceNow and On-Demand Staffing services to aid your data-driven decision-making. 

Using Analytics with ServiceNow 

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that serves as a tool for organizations to streamline their business processes. It’s a way to modernize technology and innovate both the scale and speed of their operations. 

Aside from optimizing work, ServiceNow also focuses on making processes more intuitive to increase the value of information for every stakeholder. 

From employee numbers to performance indicators, ServiceNow gathers data to help companies improve their capabilities in decision-making. It uses a user-centric program created based on different considerations like the following: 

  • Desired customer journey – This refers to the steps and interactions users need to do to reach the goals that led them to utilizing ServiceNow in the first place. 
  • Existing workflows – Analytics should be integrated into the current workflow at present. For example, ServiceNow receives information that a certain user is in need of customer service. Integrating analytics into your existing workflows would help redirect this individual to the right site or contact. 
  • Emergence of AI and machine learning – In every industry, both automated intelligence and machine learning are seen being utilized in more than one way. Instead of ignoring them, ServiceNow’s user-centric program tries to incorporate them to help its users. 

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Finding People with On-Demand Staffing 

Knowledge without action can be worthless. That being said, understanding the data generated within your company and your people isn’t enough. You still need to find an effective way to meet the necessities you learn about. 

In order to easily scale your workforce, you can utilize services like on-demand staffing. This is a modern approach companies can use to make their workforce more flexible and manageable. 

Utilizing the wide talent pool of their chosen staffing firm, businesses would be able to quickly find experts who meet the job descriptions and qualifications they’re posting. This would lead to the ability to meet all possible workload shifts no matter how sudden. 

Benefits of Merging ServiceNow and On-Demand Staffing 

For a company to fully benefit from the digital transformation delivered by ServiceNow, they need to find a partner staffing firm that could provide them with on-demand staffing services according to the analyzed information they receive. 

On their own, ServiceNow and On-Demand staffing have many benefits, but they become even more efficient and advantageous to a company when used together. When done right, their output would complement each other’s and lead to the following outcomes: 

1. Make Informed Decisions 

Through ServiceNow, you’d be able to collect comprehensive data about your staff as well as their performance in different processes of work. Once you’re made aware of the metrics and analysis, you can make data-driven decisions related to staffing, budget allocation, planning, and the like. 

For example, you recently began three different projects that focused on creating software for your target market. To avoid missing anything, you used ServiceNow as a central platform for all the data generated from the projects. After a few weeks, you were checking the reports and noticed that one of the three projects was lagging behind.  

Using this information, you call for a quick meeting and find out that one software engineer has been absent due to sickness. With the help of on-demand staffing, you could quickly find a temporary replacement that could fill the role. 

2. Optimize Workforce Planning 

For a company to remain agile and adaptable despite any situation, employers should be aware of their workers and their metrics real-time. Luckily, this is one of the features offered by ServiceNow. 

Since it is a centralized, cloud-based platform, it can efficiently store data and provide it to employers like you in just a few seconds. This makes it easier to predict the future workforce needs of your company and communicate them to your partner staffing firm. 

Ultimately, this can optimize your workforce planning and ensure you’ll always have enough professionals for projects and services at any given moment. Setting performance targets and meeting them without any issues can also be a result of an efficient and detailed plan. 

3. Improved Productivity 

Through on-demand staffing, you gain the ability to help your employees based on their workload and needs. Although ServiceNow can inform you about the issues and frictions present in your funnel, on-demand staffing can help you resolve these workforce-related problems.  

Once solutions are implemented, your employees will find themselves in better working situations. In fact, the World Economic Forum found that less number of hours working generally helps increase productivity.¹ This is why increasing your workforce when needed can make your people more productive. 

For example, think of hiring a team of ten people to finish a project with a strict three-month deadline. Although you had everything planned out, the team leader voiced his opinion that they might need two more professionals to reach your intended milestone. If this opinion is ignored, the most likely situation is that the team would need to work extra hours to finish the given tasks.  

The more hours they work, the less motivated they would be. If this cycle continues, the performance of the teams would be negatively impacted in the long run. So, what’s the solution for this scenario? You can quickly hire people through on-demand staffing.  

Aside from having enough people on the team, your employees would also feel listened to and valued, which can lead to increased motivation, productivity, and efficiency. 

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4. Cost Efficiency 

Utilizing the benefits of ServiceNow and On-demand staffing can help you lessen unnecessary expenses, especially when adjusting your workforce. For seasonal businesses that have periods of low activity or for companies that have a history of low demands in certain months of the year, on-demand staffing can allow you to upscale or downscale your workforce whenever you need to.  

They’ll take over the responsibilities of hiring managers and human resources. By outsourcing, you can use up less money and allocate it to other budgets in your company. 

Imagine a normal hiring process. You need to set aside a budget for creating ads to post online and offline. You need to pay for your job alerts and posts to potentially reach the people you need for your company. Once you have a list of candidates, you need to hire recruitment managers to conduct interviews and choose the best from the pool.  

All of these require both time and money regardless of if you’re filling a long-term or a short-term position. So instead of going through the entire process, you can simply utilize on-demand staffing that can do all of these steps for you for a more cost-efficient price. 

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5. Drive Business Success 

In harnessing ServiceNow and On-Demand Staffing, you can enhance the overall quality and efficiency of your business. From improved service management to an easily scalable workforce, you can lessen the effort you exert on things that can be automated like data gathering. Instead, you can focus on more important tasks that need your attention. 

You no longer have to oversee everything manually since ServiceNow can help keep you informed and updated. You also don’t have to worry about overworking your people because on-demand staffing can provide professionals and experts when needed. Overall, utilizing both can help drive your business toward success. 


As a staffing company dedicated to your success, Raso360 can help you harness the power of ServiceNow and On-Demand Staffing to turn your data into smart decisions for impactful results. 

We strive to make people proud of themselves and their progress and we aim to help companies improve their culture and employee retention by providing loyal, reliable, and skilled employees. We focus on empowering businesses with the right talent. Reach out now to start your rise to the top! 


1 Shangguan, Ruo, Jed DeVaro, and Hideo Owan. “This is how shorter working hours can affect your productivity.” The World Economic Forum, 22 Sept. 2021, https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/09/teams-productivity-work-hours/?DAG=3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4KT6gabKgAMVyx-DAx0cgQ35EAMYASAAEgK9QvD_BwE. 

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